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Are you in between paychecks and unsure of how you are going to make ends meet? Maybe you opened the mail to find an unexpected medical bill. Those moments can be scary and sometimes troublesome, but here at BridgePayday, we can help by offering access to payday loans online.


A payday loan is typically a small loan that is given to an individual with the expectation that they will pay it back on our around their next payday. You may have also heard of them referred to as a payday advance. If this sounds like something that can help you right now then fill out our free online application or call our toll free number today. If you want to know more, keep reading!

Qualifications for a Payday Loan

payday-loan_ do I qualifyOne of the best things about pay day loans is how simple it is to qualify. Here’s what you can expect in terms of requirements:

  • Age – Just like with other types of loans, an individual must be 18 years or older to qualify for a payday loan.
  • Citizenship – You must be a US Citizen to qualify for a pay day loan.
  • Employment – Although the amount of money you make does not matter when applying for a payday loan, the lender will want to make sure that you have steady employment so that they set your repayment schedule accordingly. Employment can be verified by providing recent check stubs.
  • Bank Account – Online payday loans use direct deposit to get the funds to you, so you must have a bank account that accepts this form of transfer.

Benefits of Online Payday Loans

payday-loan-benefitsThere are plenty of reasons that people all over America continues to prefer online payday loans to one that must be applied for in person. One is the sheer speed of the entire process. An individual can apply online, be approved, and see money in their bank account within a few business days. Finally an instant online payday loan! Another benefit is being able to apply for online payday loans 24 hours a day.


Unlike brick and mortar stores, websites like BridgePayday don’t have a closing time! Individuals applying for online payday loans often do so because they appreciate the privacy that it provides.

payday-24-hoursThe application process for payday loans online can be completed at whatever pace you choose so you have time to make sure you understand exactly what to expect. This is just a sample of the many benefits of online payday loans. Everyone’s financial situation and need is different so you may find benefits that weren’t there for other payday loan recipients. Whatever the financial need is a payday loan could help! If you are ready to find those benefits simply fill out or online application here at BridgePayday or call our toll free number to speak with a representative today.


Who are Payday Loan Lenders?

Simply put, payday loan lenders are the businesses that provide the payday loan. However, society tends to give them a bad reputation. You may have heard that payday loan lenders are just trying to gouge the borrower by increasing penalties and fees or that those lenders are overly demanding. who-are-the-loan-lenders

The truth is that they are not only in the business of giving loans but of having those loans paid back. If payday loan lenders did not impose penalties on recipients who did not pay their loan back on time then no one would ever pay the money back in a timely manner. The fact is that severe penalties and interest only accrue on payday loans that are late – that situation doesn’t have to happen to you. We also do title loans in a similar fashion where lenders  jostle for position to compete for your loan on our software.

Ready For Your Payday Loan Online?

If you are ready to get your payday loan process started BridgePayday can make it easy for you. First you just need to fill out our easy to use online application or call our toll free number to complete the application with a representative. The payday loan application will ask for basic information like your name, age, and place of employment.

are you ready-payday-loanBased on this information BridgePayday will set you up with a payday loan lender to help you complete the process and get the money you need. The payday loan lender will need you to sign some loan documents that will explain in detail the amount of your payday loan and when must be paid back. Those documents will also outline the penalties and fees that may accrue if you do not pay the loan back on time. So remember when you are faced with unexpected bills or have an need for money fast, BridgePayday and payday loans can help today!