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In need of quick cash and do not know where to start? You have come to the right place. If you are an employed person and need some money for an emergency but you are short of it, try borrowing through us. We have connections with legitimate, honest lenders who are willing to offer you a payday loan instantly. Our application process takes only a few minutes and you are able to see how much you are eligible for once your request has been reviewed.

Borrowing money from the traditional lenders like commercial banks can be a hassle and sometimes impossible if you do not meet their qualifications. Sometimes your credit record is not that good for you to be granted a loan or sometimes you may need prompt funding for you to stock up your business. This is where hard money loans and payday loans can help.

Hard Money Lenders

What Are Hard Money and Payday Loans

A payday loan is a type of loan that is granted to you while you are waiting for a salary. It is normally used for emergency expenditures that a person had not planned for and did not put aside some cash to fund it. A payday loan is much easier and less complicated than borrowing money from family and friends which most of the times ruin relationships.

A hard money loan is a kind of loan granted to the borrower by a private investor whereby real estate is the main security.

Why Should You Request a Loan through Us?

We believe that we are the best resource for you if you are looking to get instant payday loans online. We have a wide network of lenders who are ready to fund you if you need a payday loan. With an easy application process that only takes minutes, the investor can deposit the money into your bank promptly within one working day. All you need is to fill out an online loan request form.

Some of the advantages of applying through us include:

  • There is no need for a good credit history to be approved for a loan
  • If rejected, you will know why
  • If approved, the money is deposited into your account instantly
  • We have a friendly customer care team who is always ready to serve you

If you have a bad credit record, as this is a good place to check. A stable employment status is needed for you to apply for this loan though. The loan to be granted is determined by the investor. However, you are not guaranteed that you will receive a loan amount upon submitting a loan request

Who Needs This Loan

Every one of us falls short of money sometimes. Emergency expenditures come abruptly and no one is always prepared for these situations. You may not have the cash on hand to solve these problems. We can lend a helping hand.

Only short-term loans are available. If you only need $200, it is advisable for you to apply for the same amount. Why should you borrow $3,000 instead while $200 would have solved all your problems? This will make it easier for you to repay back the loan and improve your credit record. Smart reasons to apply for this loan include:

  • Paying a burgeoning bill
  • Paying for mortgage installments
  • Cancel out another debt

The above reasons are genuine and show the urgency for need of money instantly. However, there also exist some very bad reasons to request this loan. They include:

  • Going for a vacation
  • Buying a luxury item
  • Shopping for clothes


Who Needs This Loan

Who Needs This LoanThis type of loan is ideal for an investor who spots a good deal on a property but cannot wait since the property is likely to be bought. The investor therefore acquires the loan and can repay back the loan in 12 months or less.

The interest rates for this loan can range between 12-15 percent of the principal amount. The high interest is due to the amount of risk that the lender has to undertake. Private investors do not have the resources for debt collection. Therefore, they charge these high fees to improve legitimacy among the followers.

How Do You Request For This Loan?

You are required to fill out a form online. Once your details are taken down, our team will do the rest of the work. All our databases are encrypted and your information is safe with us. Go ahead and find the loan that suits you the most.

Improve Your Credit Worthiness

Once you have requested a loan with us, you will be responsible for repaying your loan on time. If you prove to be a steady and trustworthy customer, your loan limit will be slashed and you will find yourself eligible for bigger loans.

When it comes to money lending and borrowing, trust is the main ethical issue, therefore make sure that you pay up your loans on time.

What Amount Are You Eligible For?

If you need a quick payday loan, we will grant you the amount that you requested if you seem able to repay the loan. Since payday loans are only offered to people with steady employment, a lot of consideration is put on your salary income. You are advised not to apply a sum of money that is too large compared with what you earn. Some of the requirements required to enable you request this loans include:

  • A valid federal ID
  • Age fulfillment of at least 18 years old
  • A guarantor for your loan
  • Stable employment in the last six years

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