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If you require instant funding, you might be thinking of a payday loan or a title loan. There is also a better option to get the funds you need within a short period. 

Applying for an installment loan from a direct lender is a wiser move compared to other online personal loans.

Are you already thinking of the advantages of installment loans online, or why you should consider getting an installment loan over other alternatives like payday loans online?

What are the benefits of installment loans


More flexibility with fixed monthly payments

Getting a quick payday loan online is the fastest way to get money. If you have already applied for this type of short term loan before, then you already know how difficult it can be to repay the debt.

This is especially if you do not know how to manage your finances. In most cases, you will find yourself with bank overdrafts, a damaged credit score, and even worse financial woes. A cash advance will focus less on your credit history, credit reporting and credit bureaus which makes them attractive.

These types of loans have a maturity period of about two weeks, you are likely to miss one or two payments, which will make your situation worse.

A credit card might suit you better in some cases as interest rates will be less. If you have good credit then sign a loan agreement with a bank as the loan offers and repayment terms will be better.

Longer duration

However, the situation is completely different with online installment loans. The loans have a more extended repayment period of 3 months, 6 months, 10 months or even a year, depending on the amount you borrow and your monthly payments.

This will make it easier for you to repay the debt, protect your credit score and avoid getting into a debt cycle. 

How much can I get with an installment loan direct lender?

When it comes to payday loans, the maximum amount that a first-time applicant can qualify for is about $600. With installment loans that amount can be over $5000 from direct lenders or brokers.

Thanks to installment loans from a direct lender, you can qualify for a higher loan amount which can be handy when the issue at hand is more serious. And since the payments are made on a monthly basis, you can handle paying a huge loan amount with less hassle. 

Payday loans are ok if you require a little amount of money for car repairs and monthly bills. But if you want to undertake a major project like emergency roof repair or there is a demanding mechanical problem with your car, the funds may not be enough. 

Get Cash Now

How quickly can I get cash from an installment loan direct lender?

Online installment loans from a direct lender are one of the quickest ways to get cash. The loans have a simple application process, minimal credit checks and easy to understand requirements. This level of flexibility makes it a great idea to partner with an online installment loan direct lender today.

Once approved, the funds will be deposited into your bank account as soon as possible. 

Can I get same-day approval?

Most direct lenders offer the same day or next day approval. You can be sure to get the emergency funds you need on time. This makes it possible to cover the emergency and repay the loan small and manageable monthly installments. 

Are online lenders better than storefront?

A lot of consumers are yet to be aware that they can take out an installment loan from online lenders, rather than applying in a retail location. 

A no credit check online installment loans are a perfect way to deal with an emergency situation at hand and not wait in line to be served. This is where the online availability is a lifesaver.

So next time you are faced with a situation that requires urgent funding, do not hesitate to enjoy all the benefits of online installment loans rather than wasting time in a shop.

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Same day and next day funding cut off times

  • If we receive and approve your direct lender installment loan application before 11.40 pm from Monday to Friday, you will get the funds on the same day by 5.00 pm your time. (if you request for same day funding)
  •       If we receive and approve your direct lender installment loan application after 11.40 pm from Monday to Friday, you will get the funds on the next business day
  •       If we receive and approve your direct lender installment loan application  on Saturday or Sunday, you will get the funds on Monday or the next business day by 5.00 pm your time (if you request for same day funding)
  •       If we receive your installment loan application on a bank holiday, we will review it and approve the loan on the next business day.
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