Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit Direct Lenders Only

The term “installment loan ” refers to an installment loan as a cash advance that you can obtain quickly via direct lenders and repay in a long time, even if you’ve got poor credit. You can receive between $1000 and $5,000 installment loans.

People with bad credit can get installment loans with immediate approval if they’re linked to an individual lender. We are a part of an extensive array of these financial structures. No matter what your credit score, you can submit an application for bad credit installment loans on our site and receive fast loan approval.

How do I apply for Installment Loans from direct lenders?

To begin the process, you’ll need to complete the online application for a loan. The form must be filled in by your name, personal details such as contact information, checking account information, email address, and any other information.

Add the amount of cash you’ll need, and then complete the form. The whole process will take just a few minutes. After submitting your application, we immediately send your application to our group, including installment loan lenders.

The lender will be able to come up with a loan proposal and then contact you. They will then send you the agreement via email. Review the contract’s conditions and terms, including the interest rates and fees, repayment terms, and any additional charges. If you have questions, ask questions to clarify any confusion.

When you sign the loan contract, the lender will make a direct deposit to the bank account. Per the cut-off conditions, you could get you the loan amounts as soon as the same day or on the following business day.

Examples of Installment Loans

Auto, home, personal, and school loans are all examples of installment loans. Except for mortgage loans, which are often variable-rate loans with interest rates that alter throughout the loan, almost all installment loans are fixed-rate loans, meaning the interest rate charged throughout the loan is fixed at the time of borrowing.

Are credit checks required?

Traditional lenders, which include credit unions or banks run rigorous credit checks for every personal loan. They provide financing only for those with good credit history and reject those with bad credit. 

However, direct lenders don’t conduct traditional checks, they only do soft pulls. Direct lenders don’t need further credit scores from the major credit bureaus, but they will quickly review the details available on your account. They are required to meet the minimum credit requirements and must verify your ability to pay back the loan in a timely manner.

Furthermore, people who are not employed are able to get any kind of personal loan from direct lenders as well. Child support, alimony as well as social security, inheritance, and unemployment benefits, as well as other sources, are all able to prove regular income. Even if you’re unemployed with bad credit, you can nevertheless get a personal loan with BridgePayday

Can I Get an Installment Loan With Bad Credit?

Yes, we can provide installment loans to those with negative credit, and we partner with a variety of lenders who specialize in serving people with weak credit or no credit at all. Installment loans are ideal for those with bad credit who are attempting to get their finances back on track since they allow them to spread repayment over several months, potentially allowing them to pay off other obligations and get back on their feet.

Are there monthly payments on an installment loan?

Yes. The loan is repaid within 2 to 20 months. You pay only a portion of the amount with equal monthly payments every month. Each lump sum is the same. It is recommended to draw the repayment plan immediately. Make the monthly payments on time within the time frame of the loan agreement and avoid penalties for late repayment.

What are monthly Deductions from my bank account?

You get a certain interest rate and have to pay fixed installments over a set length of time once you’ve been accepted for a certain amount for an installment loan. In terms of stability, you will always know how much you must pay each month based on the amount borrowed, and you will be able to organize your budget to repay your debt accordingly.

Benefits of Installment Loans

APR and interest rate are both reasonable.

Isn’t it true that a loan with a reasonable APR and interest rate is the ideal financial solution for your budget? As a result, the loan amounts you borrow have the best APR and the lowest origination fee. You will not have to pay any additional fees imposed by banks.

There are numerous lending choices available.

If you don’t want to take out an installment loan because you have bad credit, consider payday loans (up to $1,000 for a maximum of 31 days) or personal loans (up to $15,000 for a maximum of 36 months). Consider taking out a personal loan when you have a larger bill to pay.

It’s okay if you have bad credit.

Borrowers with all credit scores are eligible to apply for credit card debt consolidation loans. You don’t have to be concerned about your credit history. Unlike banks, our loan providers do not check your credit score through the credit bureaus mentioned.

There is no requirement for a down payment.

In comparison to a traditional credit union, our loan partners do not require down payments from people with bad credit.

Disadvantages of installment loans

It may have a predatory aspect to it.

What is the point at which a loan becomes predatory? We believe it occurs when a lender acts in their own best interests without regard for your financial situation. The practice of “rolling over a loan,” which is already prohibited in 21 states, is one of the most predatory. A rollover occurs when your loan company charges you additional fees to extend your loan’s due date.

Money is automatically deducted from your account.

Borrowers must set up automatic payments with the majority of online loan firms. Most online businesses choose to check accounts since they allow for automatic debits. Payments on auto loans aren’t all awful! They can help you avoid the stress of failing to pay your loan on time. When you don’t have enough money in your account, you’re in danger.

It’s risky to skip a payment.

Even if you miss a payment on these loans, interest accrues every day. Furthermore, if the loan is past due, the lender may impose a late payment penalty.

Alternatives to installment loans

The loans online available offered on our site are suitable for people who have bad credit. You will need to determine the amount you want to borrow and the period for repayment that you prefer.

There is the option of payday loans for the short term. The majority of cash loans allow you to take out between $100 and $1,000, though some particular state laws may apply.

Payday loans are loans that are short-term and the total loan amount has to be paid back within a month or less. It is important to note this: payday loans have a rather high-interest rate.

Therefore, we suggest taking advantage of payday loans for immediate expenses, and observing the terms of payment. In this way, you won’t be a victim of financial loss when making use of cash advances.

For greater amounts that are higher than installment loans and a longer time to repay, you can opt for personal loans. You can borrow between $5,000 and $15,000 for a personal loan. This type of loan is able to be paid back in as long as 60-months. If you’re interested in any of these loans you can apply for an advance on our site or explore it to find additional options.

What if you can’t repay your installment loan?

Your loan will be turned over to collection agencies or sold to them by the lender. Collectors use gruesome methods to recover their items. You won’t be beaten up, but they may contact your workplace, friends, or family. 

Others will come to your door and ask you questions. Some businesses will pursue criminal charges if you write a bad check. It could be a felony or a misdemeanor, and you could end up in jail.

Can I get Guaranteed Installment Loans?

The phrase “guaranteed” refers to the high approval rate for installment loans rather than service suppliers’ 100% positive response. Many online lending companies entice users to sign up by calling their products “installment loans with guaranteed approval. “ In reality, there is no way to ensure the approval of an application for a loan.

They must meet a set of requirements when they accept requests. However, online personal loans have a rate of acceptance that is many times more than the banks or credit unions. Traditional financial institutions provide the loan only when the applicant has good credit.

Online lenders, however, are flexible in this regard and will approve you more easily regardless of your credit score.

How fast will I get my installment loan?

You will receive your funds fast if approved for an instant installment loan. The lender could deposit the money into your bank account the same day you apply, or within 24 hours.

What is the best time to take out installment loans From Direct Lenders?

Most customers utilize the internet for installment loans to cover immediate costs. They could be for emergency costs such as home renovations, automobile repairs, and even credit cards for debt consolidating.

If you need cash urgently but want to repay it over a longer period, personal loans that are repaid in installments are the ideal option for you. Direct lenders to get installment loans even when you cannot afford them due to a bad credit score. Loan providers online don’t run traditional checks but instead concentrate on their source of income. This proves your capacity to pay back the loan on time. This will allow getting approval.

Who can borrow installment loans via Direct Lenders?

The requirements for eligibility for the majority of personal loans online are simple to satisfy. To get an approved installment loan, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Age 18 or older.
  • Must be a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States;
  • Should have an active bank account;
  • You must prove a regular source of income.

If your personal information meets the criteria listed above and you meet the criteria above, you are eligible for a guaranteed loan! However, we suggest that you research the laws specific to the state that apply to your area. Certain regulations could be different.

Guaranteed Installment Loans-  Why Choose Bridgepayday?

We are devoted to each client and often tailor our services to meet your requirements. When you borrow money with the assistance of Bridgepayday, you will reap many advantages!

Non-stop service! Our website is accessible at all day hours, so you can apply during the day or evening. You can apply for loans on weekends or holidays also! Customer service is open 24 hours a day to assist you with any concerns anytime they occur.

Secured loans with no collateral! You don’t have to worry about losing your assets. The loans that you can find on our website are secure and do not require collateral. Apply for a loan with no collateral now without risk!

Direct lenders! We only work exclusively with direct loan lenders. There is no third party involved in any transaction. This makes it more efficient and safer. They will give you a prompt response, and you will receive your money fast!

Top-notch safety! Your data is secure with us all the time. We employ the most secure security tools to ensure your data is safe and only share it with reputable lenders.

There are many types of loans that are suitable for bad credit! Apart from installment, you will discover payday loans, personal loans, and many other loans on our site. They have high approval rates and fast cash deposits for those with bad credit history.

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