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Bad credit can make it seem impossible to get a loan. You may feel thrilled when you receive a guarantee of approval of loan without having to go through a credit check for places near you.

Personal loans without credit checks are often convenient because they offer high interest rates and fees and require no credit reporting.

Sometimes, a deal can be disguised as a fraud. It is important to distinguish legitimate lenders from those trying to scam you and find other financing options that don’t cost much.

What is a personal loan with no credit check?

Personal loan companies are often able to assist borrowers with poor credit. Personal loans that don’t require a credit check are another matter. These loans are offered by lenders who may consider other aspects of your financial situation, such as proof of regular employment or a checking account. Others may not care about either.

Auto title loans and payday are two examples of loans that do not require credit checks. They may also require proof of income, proof of bank account, and a valid telephone number. These loans have a shorter repayment period, usually ranging from a few weeks to a whole month. 

Payday loans can be secured and must be repaid by the next payday. Your vehicle’s title secures auto title loans. Payday and auto title loan lenders also offer short-term personal loans. 

These loans allow for at least three months to pay off the debt. The installment loans provided by payday and auto-title loan lenders typically have high interest rates but can take as much as a year to repay.

When applying for personal loans without a credit check, lenders do credit checks to assess the risk of borrowing money. They then set the interest rate.

A lender who doesn’t require a credit check will usually charge you a high interest rate. You can also expect fees and other charges if the loan is granted. For example, payday loans can have finance charges from $10 to $30 per $100 borrowed. This amounts to an annual percentage rate of up to 400% or more.

You could end up in debt if you have to borrow more money to pay off your old loans. You could end up paying the same interest and fees over and over without ever repaying the debt. You could lose your vehicle if you don’t pay the auto title loan.

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s study, more than 80% of payday loan borrowers roll over or reborrow within 30 days. More than 40% of online payday loan borrowers default.

Some lenders who offer these loans will not report your payments to the major credit bureaus. You can’t use a loan that isn’t written to rebuild credit history if it doesn’t.

A loan offer could be fraudulent.

Illegitimate offers may be made to you if you are looking for personal loans without a credit check. Scammers might try to take advantage of your desperate need for money now if you have poor credit.

Scammers are less likely than others to ask about your credit history. However, they may still request personal information such as your Social Security number and bank account details. You may be asked to pay an upfront fee to process your loan paperwork. Beware if this happens.

These are other indicators that a loan offer could be fraudulent.

  • The loan can be obtained over the telephone.
  • The lender isn’t licensed to operate in your state. Check the state’s attorney general.
  • The lender’s physical address is not available.
  • Send money to an individual.

What can I do if I fall for a personal loan scam?

You should immediately file a police report if you suspect that you have given money or information to a fraudster. You can also file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission or your state’s Attorney General. 

Consider freezing credit reports if your Social Security number has been compromised. This will prevent the fraudster from opening new credit accounts under your name. To spot fraud, you can also use a credit monitoring system.

Personal loans without credit checks are better alternatives

Consider these alternatives if you want to find a way to meet your money needs without having to resort too much to predatory lenders.

Payday loans

Federal credit unions may offer short-term loans to members in need of cash. The terms usually include loans between $200 and $1,000, a repayment period of one to six months, an APR of 28%, and a loan amount that ranges from $200 to $1,000.

You must be a member for at least one month of a credit union offering the loans to qualify.

A cosigned loan

You may get a loan for proper personal use if you have a cosigner with good credit.

If you are a repeat defaulter on loan payments, it can be hard to find someone to cosign. This is because the cosigner will be responsible for any debts you default on. This can be a great solution, but it might not work for everyone.

Online lenders

Many online lenders can work with people with poor credit without charging excessive fees or interest.

Compare. Compare offers to see if you are eligible to prequalify with online lenders.

Bottom line

Although getting a personal loan for bad credit may seem complicated, it does not mean you have to resort to high-cost loans. Consider other options before you consider applying for a personal loan without a credit check. This will help you save money and keep you from falling into a debt cycle that is difficult to break.


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Author: Alex Darwin

Alex is a former budget manager turned entrepreneur. He works mainly at home on his credit score advice website and writes a financial blog on the side. He hopes to expand his business into a full online lending company for bad credit as soon as he gets enough investors.