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Payday Loans – Direct Lenders Only

Payday Loans

Glasses tend to break at the worst of times. It may be that you accidentally stepped on them, your dog ate them, or they just had had enough and snapped. Fact is, you can’t do without them. It is highly possible that you have no spare spectacles. And no glue too would cut it this time. So what do you do? If your credit rating is not looking good for a bank loan and your emergency fund was exhausted by that visit to the dentist a month ago, then you are quite in a fix.

You can try to get a loan from friends or relatives, get an advance at work but if these two avenues are not possible, there is a third available. These are payday loans from direct payday loan lenders onlyPayday loan direct lenders will transfer your cash directly into your account. There are no brokers to act as intermediaries between you and your lender. Brokers usually ask for your information in order to screen for potential loanees. They then forward your information to a lending company for further follow-up.

Payday LoansA broker usually encourages you to fill out your personal information on their website. These are the details the broker forwards to a lending firm for a fee paid by you or the firm. A broker may also share your details with other brokers or lenders in a bid to earn more in return. When this happens, you will start receiving unsolicited emails, phone calls or texts from these firms, which could lead to a breach of trust. Your financial information should be held in utmost confidentiality to avoid this information from falling into the wrong hands. This is why payday loans direct lenders only facilities are such a gem when it comes to payday loan acquisition. First of all, working with a direct lender ensures that you do not incur the brokerage fee as mentioned earlier. Secondly, your personal information will not change hands around the internet, leaving you vulnerable to financial risks.


How to identify a direct payday loan lenders only facility

  1. 100% guarantees for cash Direct lenders will never guarantee you that you will receive your loan. There are soft credit checks to be done first before a loan can be disbursed to ensure that the loan can be repaid. A broker will give lofty promises because upon sharing your information with many lenders, so they could land one who will finance your payday loan.
  2. Upfront fee While a broker will ask for a fee or commission for handling your application to lenders, a direct lender will not. Direct lenders do not expect you to pay for loan applications.
  3. Panel of lenders If the information of lenders on a lending website mentions a ‘panel of lenders’, then it is most likely ran by a broker who will sell your information to the highest bidder.

Advantages of payday loan direct lenders only facilities

  • Payday LoansA poor credit rating is a non-issue: Most brick and mortar financial institutions will not issue loans to an individual with a low credit rating. Direct payday loan lenders, on the other hand, will do so. We lend not according to your financial past but your ability to pay the loan presently.
  • No hidden costs: We offer a direct payday loan with precise terms and conditions. There also no hidden fees in fine print so you can be assured that what you see is what you get.
  • Fast approval: Speed is paramount when you need a quick source of funding for a financial emergency. We will forego the long queues, tonnes of paperwork and general slow formalities to ensure that you get your cash as soon as by the next day after application.
  • Single lending source: There are no third parties, intermediaries or brokers in our system. We deal with you straight from the loan application process down to the approval of loans. This prevents extra fees and applicable charges.
  • Collateral free loans: Bad credit payday loans direct lenders only facilities require no pledge of valuables or security for payday loans. This ensures that loans are approved fast against your next paycheck, easing your financial stress.
  • Funding for all purposes: Direct payday loan lenders do not require you to state the use of a payday loan, unlike other types of loans. This makes these loans perfect for personal emergencies, such as utilities, rent, mortgage, food or medical emergencies.

When getting payday loans, financial experts recommend payday loans direct lenders only facilities to ensure that your information does not end up in the wrong hands. This provides efficient and safe financial assistance for any situation.

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Payday Loans

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