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Best Payday Loans for Bad Credit

If your credit score is poor and you are short on cash, a payday loan may be an option for you. Paycheck lenders can provide you with money until your next payday, regardless of your credit score. Expect to spend a lot of money on interest and fees.

A short-term installment loan is an alternative. These loans are often considerably less expensive, and many lending companies can provide them. The list below will assist you in locating the appropriate lender.

Bad Credit Online Loans

All seven websites may put you in touch with a direct payday lender or a poor credit personal loan provider. These online businesses may assist individuals with bad credit to obtain a short-term loan.

To be eligible for a loan, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States. The minimum amount required by each lender varies.

  • MoneyMutual 

MoneyMutual is our top-rated lender-connecting network because of its excellent approval rates and diverse offers. If you have a paycheck coming in the next few weeks, you may be able to get a modest payday loan with poor credit. It may cost as little as $200. You must earn at least $800 per month from a stable source like work or a pension to be prequalified.

  • CashUSA

CashUSA is based in Las Vegas, but it may get you a loan anywhere in the United States if your state allows it. This network comprises state-licensed and tribal lenders that will approve your unsecured, short-term loan request. If your monthly income after taxes exceeds $1,000, CashUSA may be able to prequalify you.

  • BillsHappen

BillsHappen may help you become prequalified for a short-term installment loan with a three-month duration. This loan typically has a lower interest rate than a payday loan. For individuals with bad credit, a no-credit-check loan is an option. The funds will be sent to your bank account or credit card within 24 hours if authorized.

  • CreditLoan 

CreditLoan, based in Tampa, will attempt to prequalify you for an online personal loan as fast as possible without pulling your credit report. It uses its network to link prequalified clients with a lender to finish their loan procedure. More than 33,000,000 people have seen CreditLoan.

  • BadCreditLoans

If you’re singing the blues because of your sagging credit score, call out to Bad Credit Loans for a warm welcome. Suppose you have a consistent monthly income, a legitimate email address, phone number, current bank account, and an available phone number. In that case, the lender-connecting service can assist you in obtaining a loan. The company’s lender network may help arrange loans and revolving credit.

  • PersonalLoans

PersonalLoans offers a variety of signature loan amounts and periods, all with APRs that are lower than those charged by payday lenders. To be prequalified, you must provide evidence of at least $500 in monthly income. Credit rehabilitation, debt settlement, and credit monitoring are available via PersonalLoans.

  • CashAdvance

Since 1997, CashAdvance, headquartered in Utah, has arranged payday loans via its lender network. To be approved for a loan, you must first prequalify. The full payment must be repaid by the due date. You must show that you earn at least $1,000 per month after taxes. You’ll also need to give your phone number and bank account details.

What is the definition of a payday loan?

A payday loan (also known as a payroll cash advance) allows people with poor credit to borrow a small amount of money for a short time, typically one or two weeks, with repayment linked to their next salary. If you don’t have enough money to pay your next paycheck, you may utilize this loan to finance an emergency loan.

A personal or title loan cannot be utilized with this loan. You must provide evidence of regular income to be eligible for the loan.

There are payday loans accessible for those with poor credit. The lender would usually deduct funds from your bank account to repay the loan.

If there is insufficient money, lenders may impose late fees and a penalty. If you roll your loan over to the following month, the lender may charge you extra fees and interest.

Payday loans are only available if you have a regular source of income. Some lenders may waive a rigorous credit check to demonstrate that you have enough consistent income to repay the loan on time. Payday cash advances are unsecured loans that do not need any security. Because of this, it is significant.

It’s conceivable that you won’t be able to return your payday loan in full in one installment. If that’s the case, an installment loan may be a better option. This personal loan is available to those with bad credit. The payback period ranges from 3 to 72 months.

Payday loans feature more excellent interest rates than personal loans, although they are usually less expensive. A credit check will be required of you. Personal loans are harder to repay, and their interest rates may be more excellent. Payday loans may be rolled over several times, resulting in more excellent interest rates.

I’m looking for a place to apply for a payday loan.

While you could go to a local brick-and-mortar payday advance shop to receive your money in a matter of minutes, if you can wait until the following business day, it may be more convenient to get your loan online.

To get a cash advance, you must be within a few miles of a payday loan store. Payday loans are illegal in certain areas, so you may have to go to another state to obtain one.

Residents of all 50 states may apply for short-term loans via this lender-connection service.

Several lenders, we looked at as an alternative to payday loans provided personal loans. Only one, CashAdvance in Utah, focuses only on payday loans. Both kinds of short-term loans are available at MoneyMutual.

Online payday loans are available in all 50 states. The lender will confirm your eligibility. Payday loans are illegal in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia.

What happens if I don’t have a decent credit score?

Online lender-matching services assume that you have bad credit. This post will go over seven different internet businesses that provide poor credit loans to individuals with terrible credit. Payday cash advances and short-term unsecured personal loans use the same two-step procedure.

To start the prequalification process, fill out the online loan request form. This procedure does not require a hard draw of your credit data; therefore, it will not impact your credit score.

You may utilize prequalification to see whether you satisfy the minimal criteria.

  • Permanent residence in the United States and citizenship in the United States
  • The minimum age is 18 years old.
  • Check to see whether your monthly salary is less than the bare minimum.
  • An email address, a bank account, and a phone number are essential.
  • Your Social Security Number, as well as evidence of your monthly rent/mortgage payment history and current obligations, may be required.

The lending-connecting business will search its network once you’ve finished the prequalification procedure to locate the best lender to accept your request—the application for a loan starts.

Pre Qualifying loan request forms for direct lenders are less complicated than those for loan applicants. On occasion, the connection service may pre-populate your application with data from the request forms. Then you’ll need to fill in the blanks with any extra information.

Direct lenders are not permitted to perform hard pulls. Hard pulls may lower your FICO score by five to ten points, but the harm only lasts a year.

The lender gives you a loan option list once you complete your application, containing the loan duration and amount. This is your opportunity to go over all of the specifics of the loan agreement before signing it. Within one to two working days, the profits of your loan will be transferred into your bank account or credit union account.

A company that matches It’s possible that lenders won’t be able to find you a lender ready to give you money. You may, however, be sent to alternative debt service providers, such as those that provide debt consolidation or debt relief.

Legitimate lender-connecting services don’t charge fees. To earn money, they charge direct lender-finding fees. Truthfully, even for a high-risk applicant, payday loan interest rates are much too high, and we couldn’t agree more.

What are the most effective methods for obtaining a loan without a credit check?

Even if your credit isn’t examined, you may obtain a loan. It isn’t always feasible to do so. Payment information, as well as other information, will be required for credit checks. Some lenders need soft credit reports, while others demand complex credit reports.

  • Credit checks by A Soft. This will not affect your credit score. The query that will be made to check your credit score will be exceptionally mild. This is true not just for credit checks performed by others but also for those attempting to establish bank accounts.
  • Credit checks you must grant third parties (e.g., to establish a credit account for you, they must apply for a loan or a new credit card) permission. There may be small language stating that you have given the lender permission to open your loan application. Hard credit checks are required for personal loans. 

Prequalification does not ensure that you will be accepted for a loan, but it does demonstrate your willingness to apply. Direct lenders have the final decision on whether or not to accept or reject loan requests. The loan-matching agency does not make this choice. Lenders are the ones who make the ultimate call on loan conditions and approval.

Your capacity to repay the loan, not your credit history, is what payday lenders are worried about. Payday loans may be simpler to acquire for those with poor credit than personal loans. Late payments will be reported to credit bureaus if your credit record is incomplete.

You’ll need to submit a credit report to be eligible for payment tracking services provided by credit bureaus.

A no-credit-check loan typically has a higher interest rate than a credit-check loan. Lenders will not overlook your credit history.

Lenders are rewarded by charging higher interest rates to take on more significant risks.

Is it feasible to apply for a loan online if you have poor credit?

Only reputable lenders will review online loan providers that satisfy our requirements. Internet lenders and other online companies have had their reputations tarnished by bad actors.

Make sure you do your homework and check out the reviews and ratings of any payday lenders that pique your interest. The Better Business Bureau’s website provides information on the status of lenders. Information is also available through rating sites such as Trustpilot.

What are the telltale indications of a predatory loan lender?

A predatory lender is sometimes known as a loan shark. To frighten or mislead borrowers, they use harsh and unjust methods. Late payment penalties characterize predatory lending. Higher origination costs and interest rates are examples of this.

Predatory lenders often hide or falsify loan conditions to approve loans that they know would be difficult to repay. These lenders will not accept desperate applicants if they demand excessive interest rates.

Here are the seven most egregious indicators of predatory lending:

1.) Interest rates in the four digits:

Only a small percentage of payday loans have less than 200 percent APR. Between 400 percent and 800 percent was the typical rate. When interest rates reach 1000 percent, it’s difficult to label a loan predatory.

The greatest APRs have been reported to be as high as 2,200 percent. Make sure you read a loan agreement carefully before signing it. It’s important not to mix up yearly and monthly interest rates.

APRs are a valuable tool for comparing loans. High-interest rates may create a debt cycle that is difficult to break. It may not be easy to exit the train due to this.

2.) Other services may be more expensive.:

One example is credit insurance. Lenders may demand these things, making the loan conditional on other items.

3.) Borrowers with imperfect credit may be charged additional costs:

Your credit score may impact your ability to get a loan. This should not be used as an excuse to charge more prices. Be on the lookout for the “bait and switch” con.

Payday loan providers may inform you that you are ineligible for the loan and then direct you to a product with higher fees and costs. To prevent this kind of exploitation, you must be aware of your credit score. Contents of a credit report Before you apply for a loan, consider the following factors.

4.)Requests for more information:

Payday loans are only accessible if you can repay the loan in full once you get your paycheck. The Federal Trade Commission advises against requesting collateral. This gives the lender access to your car and your house.

You may obtain a loan for your vehicle or house using collateral. These loans are usually less costly than cash-out refinancing loans. You risk losing your valued asset if you utilize collateral to obtain a personal or payday loan.

5.) The rush of the bum:

Spidey sense is a term used to describe a person’s ability to detect. If a lender hurries you through paperwork, your skin should tingle. You have the opportunity to examine the loan agreement before signing it.

This will allow you to evaluate your capacity to repay the loan and reveal any conditions that differ from the lender’s verbally stated. Lenders that rush you to sign papers may be concealing unfair conditions or hidden costs. If the lender asks you to sign more documents, be wary.

There may be certain words that aren’t the same as the original. Important regions should not be overlooked. The lender may urge you to change the terms of the loan.

6.) Rollovers that are considered fouls:

Many payday loans are available. Borrowers may choose to roll over their loans. They are unable or unwilling to pay back the debt on time.

Payday lenders charge rollover fees. When renewing your loan, be mindful of increasing interest rates.

While a 400 percent annual percentage rate may seem ridiculous, rates as high as 1,200 percent and 2,400 percent are not. These rates have the potential to lead to insolvency or perhaps financial catastrophe.

7.)The grand deception:

A loan scam occurs when a loan application is prepared fraudulently or using falsehoods to get a loan. Even if you haven’t been wholly informed, you may be forced to sign a loan agreement.

A lender may urge you to lie about accepting your loan application. Lenders may want you to provide proof of income if you don’t have any. If you agree to make these deliberate misrepresentations, you may be involved in fraud. This may have severe ramifications—the scary world.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has taken action against lenders that have harassed payday borrowers into a “debt cycle.” Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray

However, in July 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) repealed a regulation that required lenders to verify that applicants could repay their loans on time. We are sure that the CFPB will strengthen its supervision when the administration changes in 2021.

If you believe a predatory lender has harmed you, you may submit a complaint with one or more state and federal authorities.

What are some of the drawbacks of payday loans?

Payday loans come with hefty fees and APRs. Long-term, these loans will not address your financial issues. These loans may also deplete resources that might be utilized to help you better your financial position. Lending money is widespread. This may result in borrowing fees that are greater than the initial amount.

Additional information, as well as proof of your income, should be given to the lender. Some of this data is sensitive, and you don’t want it to be hacked and spread online.

Compare the Best Bad Credit Payday Loans

Even if your credit score isn’t ideal, you have a lot of choices. These seven lender-matching companies can assist you in obtaining funds quickly when you need them.

Instead of a payday loan, consider a short-term personal loan. These terms are more flexible and simpler to pay back.



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Jackie Veling covers personal loans for Bridgepayday. The work she has done for Bridgepayday was highlighted by The Associated Press, MarketWatch, MSN, Nasdaq.com and Yahoo Finance. Before her work, she had an editing and writing freelance company, in which she collaborated with a range of clients such as U.S. Bank and Under Armour. The graduate of Indiana University with a bachelor's degree in journalism.