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Personal loans can be applied online much faster than traditional banks or credit unions. Online lenders may approve borrowers with poor credit ratings. 

Online lenders can approve you for loans of any amount, depending on your borrowing needs. Online lenders might be able to provide fast funding options if you have an urgent cash need.

It is easier to search online for personal loans and compare rates. It is easy to compare loan offers online. Many online lenders provide prequalification. This allows you to compare loan offers and doesn’t put your credit at risk.

Best Online Personal Loans: LightStream

LightStream is Truist Bank’s online lending division. It’s a combination of SunTrust, BB&T, and Truist Bank. LightStream claims its mission is easy online loans with great interest rates to consumers with good credit.

LightStream is different from other lenders because of its low-interest rates and no fees. LightStream provides loans up to $100,000 to qualified borrowers. The interest rate for certain personal loans is as low as 2.499%


  • Competitive APRs
  • There are many reasons you might need to borrow money.


  • To be able to pay your bills, you need good credit.
  • No pre-qualification available
  • Difficult principal-only payments

Pros Explained

LightStream offers interest rates ranging from 2.49% to 19.99% annually. This rate is very competitive. Register for Autopay to Receive a 0.50% Discount

There are many reasons to get a loan. You can use a loan for many purposes, including debt consolidation and home improvement.

The Cons

Excellent credit LightStream does not list the minimum credit score requirements online. Reports indicate that 660 is the minimum credit score required for those with a credit history.

There is no prequalification. Credit inquiries do not give you the ability to calculate available rates. You will need to conduct a hard inquiry to determine the rates available and to apply for finance.

Complex principal payments. It is essential to plan your payments to ensure additional funds are available to the principal.

Important information

  • You can only borrow $5,000 to $100,000
  • Florida residents are subject to a document charge of 0.3%. There are no fees.
  • Terms and Conditions of Repayment: 24 to 144 months, depending on the purpose of the loan.
  • You will receive funds immediately after your loan approval. Processing must be completed ET by 2:30 p.m.

Best Personal Loans Online: SOFI

SoFi offers many online financing options, including personal loans, student loans, and mortgages. SoFi personal loans may be available to borrowers with good credit ratings.

SoFi offers personal loans at a 4.99% interest rate. Candidates with good credit and sufficient income may be eligible for loans up to $100,000


  • Competitive interest rates
  • Prequalification available
  • Flexible monthly due date


  • To be able to pay your bills, you need good credit.
  • Higher interest rates than the rest
  • Slow funding process

Pros Explained

The APR for qualified borrowers can drop as low as 4.99%. Autopay enrollees get a 0.25% discount.

Prequalification The soft credit inquiry will give you information about the terms and rates that may be available. This will not affect your credit score.

You can change your monthly due date one time and move it to another day any month between the 25th-31st.

The Cons

Good to excellent credit is required. SoFi doesn’t require a credit score. 680 is the preferred score. Strong credit history is possible.

Good credit rating can get you lower interest rates from lenders.

Slow funding After you have signed your loan agreement electronically, wait to receive a confirmation call. You may not receive your funds within a few days.

Important information

* You can only borrow $5,000 to $100,000

* APR range 4.99% to 19.63%

* There are no fees for late payments, origination fees, or payment penalties

* Terms and Conditions of Repayment 2-7 Years


Upstart has a good relationship with many lenders. This platform uses artificial intelligence to provide personal loans that borrowers with excellent credit ratings can afford.

A lower interest rate could be possible depending on your credit history and education. It could be as low as 6.76%. Upstart claims its rates are lower than traditional lenders. Qualified applicants may be eligible for loans between $1,000 and $50,000.


  • Next-day funding
  • Extremely low minimum loan amounts
  • Prequalification available
  • Fair credit borrowers accepted


  • High origination fees
  • High average APR
  • The maximum loan amount can be very low

Pros Explained

Borrowers who are financially stable receive funds within 24 hours of signing loan documents.

Low loan amounts. Most people can borrow the minimum amount. Upstart can only loan $1,000

Prequalification – This concept is very similar to SoFi. Soft credit inquiries may provide information on rates and terms. This will not affect your credit score.

Accepted By Fair Credit Borrowers. Even if your credit score is below 580-669, you can still apply for personal loans. Continue reading.

The Cons

High origination fees These fees range between 0.5% and 8.8%

High APR — The average interest rate for a 3-year loan is 25.64%.

Maximum loan amount is $1.000 This limit is lower than other lenders.

Important information

* Credit score and income can have an impact on the average APR range. Your education, work history, and study area may impact your eligibility for a lower rate.

* Late Fees Lending Partners can charge late fees of $15-$5 or $15 to recoup the payment. Lending partners do not charge prepayment penalties.

* A minimum credit score of 580 is required for all applicants. Upstart will accept applicants with less credit history than is necessary to establish credit scores. All factors will be considered, including inquiries, income to debt ratios, and bankruptcies. In the last six months, you must not have received more than six credit inquiries. This does not include student loans, auto loans, or mortgages.

* Repayment terms and conditions – Available for terms of 3 years or five years


It can be challenging to obtain a personal loan online if you have poor credit. There are many options. Avant is a great online lender for people with bad credit.

Avant was established in 2012 and provides loans online to borrowers with credit scores as low as 600. Avant provides funding up to $35,000 to qualified applicants at very low-interest rates of 9.5%


  • It’s easy to apply online
  • Competitive starting APR
  • Funding process quickly
  • Prequalification available


  • Maximum APR for large amounts
  • Administrative fees can be very expensive
  • Uncompetitive rates for some
  • The maximum loan amount can be very low

Pros Explained

It takes only minutes.

Avant has a lower APR than subprime lenders. You might pay more depending on your credit score.

Rapid funding process Many borrowers receive funds the next day if they are approved before 4:30 PM CT.

Prequalification – Similar to Upstart or SoFi, you may conduct a soft credit inquiry to determine the rates and terms available. This will not affect your credit score.

The Cons

High Maximum APR This is 35% higher than the average for many of its rivals.

Administration fees — These fees can reach up to 4.75 % and can be deducted from your loan proceeds.

Certain rates of interest can have low rates.

The maximum amount that can be borrowed is $35,000 higher than any other online lender.

Important information

* Maximum/minimum amount that you can borrow between $2,000 and $35,000

* Fees Avant charges $25 for late payments exceeding ten days. Returned prices are subject to a $15 “dishonored” payment fee.

* Avant’s minimum credit score is 600 to 700. Each applicant will be assessed based on credit history.

* Terms and Conditions of Repayment 24 to 60 Months


Payoff is an online platform that helps people repay high-interest debt. Payoff matches applicants to lenders offering interest rates as low as 5.65% (5.99% Annual Rate Rate). 

Payoff matches applicants with lenders that offer interest rates as low at 5.65% (5.99% Annual Ratio Rate) compared to the average credit-card rate (16.28%) as of November 2020, according to the Federal Reserve.


You must have good credit to be eligible for a loan.

Potential to build credit

Prequalification available


Only for debt consolidation

Slow funding process

Minimum APRs High

Pros Explained

If you have poor credit, you may be eligible

Possibility of building credit If your loan is well managed, you might be eligible to apply for credit at Equifax (TransUnion) or Experian.

Prequalification To find out the rates and terms you might be eligible for, use a soft credit inquiry. This will not affect your credit score.

The Cons

Consolidate debt. You can’t use the proceeds from your loan to consolidate other debts, such as credit cards and unsecured loans.

Slow funding Loans can be funded within 2-5 business days after completing the verification process. This process is slower than those of other lenders.

MinimumAPR will apply to APRs above $15,000 A 6.99% fee applies to loans above $15,000 Credit scores can also be affected by other factors.

Important information

* Maximum and minimum amounts that you can borrow: $5,000 to $40,000

* APR range: 5.00% to 24.99%

* Fees Payoff lenders charge a 0%-5% origination fee. Other fees such as prepayment or late fees are not applicable.

* Credit reports should not have any delinquencies. It will be determined how much credit has been used and what the debt-to-income ratio was.

* Terms and Conditions of Repayment for 2-5 Years


What are the pros and cons of personal loans?

Personal loans can be a great way of paying down your debt quicker and increasing the value of your home. This is a wise financial decision. A personal loan can be your lifeline if you have unexpected expenses.

A personal loan can sometimes make your financial life more complicated. Before you apply for a loan, consider both the benefits and drawbacks.


* Personal loans have lower interest rates, making them more affordable than any other type of loan. According to the Federal Reserve, credit cards with assessed interest had an average rate of 16.28% in May 2020. 

Personal loans with a 9.65% average interest rate were available for a maximum term of 24 months. 1 Individual with good credit may be eligible for personal loans at interest rates as low as 5% or 6.

* Personal loans are available to consolidate credit card debts and improve credit scores. Credit reports show that your credit utilization ratio refers to the number of credit cards you’ve used. 

Consolidating credit card debt and applying for a personal loan could help lower your credit utilization ratio. This could help you improve your credit score.

* Your monthly payment will be fixed. Personal loans are available with fixed rates to finance personal loans. The loan term will not affect your monthly payment. Fixed payments are a great way to plan your budget.


It is hard to predict whether you will be approved for credit. Lenders might not approve of you if your credit score is low, your debt-to-income ratios are high, or you have other red flags. Lenders may decline to approve you if your income is low or your credit score is poor. Personal loans can have an APR of up to 35.99%.

Poor financial management can lead to financial disaster. Poor financial management can lead to lower credit scores. You mustn’t charge more than you can each month for your credit card.

* High fees. Poor credit may not be eligible for personal loans. Origination fees can be as high as 8.8% and are deducted directly from the loan proceeds. Consider the cost of the lender fees when looking for the best personal loans.

How to apply online for a personal loan

Are you ready to borrow money? Now is the time to find the right loan. Online loans are more convenient than traditional loans.

Before you apply for any type of loan, it is essential to check and verify your credit rating. Next, find lenders that offer loans to those with good, fair, or poor credit ratings. Only apply for the online loan you truly need. Consolidation loan, loan for medical bills, loan for home improvement. Compare rates and fees before you use them.

How to apply online for a personal loan

  • If possible, send a request to prequalify (if you are able) to at least three lenders.
  • Next, choose the lowest overall interest lender and submit your loan request.
  • Any additional documentation should be sent immediately to the lender
  • Don’t delay getting your money.

How can I apply online for a personal loan?

A trusted lender can provide an online loan. Before you provide personal information, you must do thorough research on any lender. There are many reviews available for top online lenders. You can also complain to agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about lenders.

Is it possible to get an online personal loan?

It can be challenging to get an online loan or other type of financing if you have poor credit. If you look for bad credit loans, lenders might offer “no credit checks loans” or “guaranteed acceptance.” According to the Federal Trade Commission, a lender that doesn’t consider your credit history and credit score could be a loan shark.

Is it possible for an online personal loan to be obtained with no cosigner?

Interview with Linda M. Hooks, Head of Washington and Lee University’s Department of Economics. A cosigner is someone with good credit which can help the borrower obtain a loan. Cosigners must know that they are responsible for the loan and their cosigner. This could result in a drop in credit scores or credit history for cosigners.

Each lender will decide if you are eligible to apply together with your cosigner. Many lenders will accept joint loan applications. Cosigners are not eligible for loans. If you cosign loans with relatives, friends, and family, you put yourself at risk. The primary borrower is equally responsible for cosigners.

Late payments and defaults can cause financial damage to your credit score, credit history, and finances. This could cause a breakup in your relationship. These are the dangers to look out for when you’re looking for a cosigner.

Is it possible to apply online for a personal loan?

Many online lenders will approve loan applications in minutes if you meet the eligibility requirements. Your loan request might not be approved if funds are not available immediately.

If you are approved for a loan, lenders may request additional documentation. If you have been approved for a loan, lenders may ask for other documentation to verify your identity and income. You may have to sign an electronic agreement before funds can be disbursed.

The bottom line

It is easy to compare online loans and find the best deal. It takes just minutes to compare lenders and send prequalification requests. You can save hundreds if you don’t mind thousands on the right loan.

How to choose the best online personal loans

Investopedia offers impartial and thorough reviews of personal loan lenders to assist consumers in making informed decisions about borrowing options. We gathered data from over 50 lenders to help you find the right lender.


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