Who is eligible for payday loans?

Who is eligible for payday loans? A quick guide

Who is eligible for payday loans? At one point or another, we all need financial assistance quickly to meet our immediate unforeseen needs. These immediate needs may take the form of medical bills and other expenses such as death in the family or car breakdown among others. Under such circumstances, you may be caught pockets empty in between paychecks. If you are short of borrowing options, payday loans can come in handy. Payday loans, also known as cash advance loans, refer to a type of short-term unsecured loan extended to …

short term loans

Short Term Loans- How short should it be?

Short Term Loans We cannot always enjoy financial sovereignty throughout the span of life. We are bound to encounter unexpected emergencies that set us back financially. It is imperative to consider other financial options that may boost or help you recover your financial stability. One option is a loan. A loan generally refers to funds that are extended by either an organization or an individual (creditor) to another organization or individual (debtor) at an agreed interest rate and date of repayment that is well evidenced in a promissory note. Loans …

Payday Loans

Payday Loans- The Lending Process, Payments, Interest and Credit Scores

Payday Loans- The Lending Process, Payments, Interest and Credit Scores Payday Loans It is common that when people budget their finances, they develop a tendency to ignore unforeseen expenses that may be brought about by various emergencies which may cause a big dent on their budget. These emergencies may be in the form of medical bills, an unexpected  death in the family, unplanned travels and outrageous home bills and taxes. These people  in dire need of cash have few options to consider. Top of the list is taking out a loan …

What is a payday loan?

Definition,Applying, Repaying Payday Loans and more

What is a payday loan?   For individuals who are employed and have just one source of income, the task is always finding money from other sources in case something comes up. What happens when you have to pay for an emergency medical bill, your child’s school fees or maybe catch up on a mortgage payment. These are some emergencies which may hit you somewhere in the middle of the month before your next payday. This will prompt you to look for a fast alternative for extra cash. Loans are your …