Everything you need to know about Title Loans Online

Are you looking to get some cash and keep driving your car or vehicle? Title loans are the perfect solution so you can keep going about your life, get money and not sacrifice your car (vehicle).

What is an online car title loan?

Often referred to as car title loans or auto title loans, title loans online are loans that use the equity in your car (or motorcycle) for collateral. Because title loans online are secured, you are able to borrow greater amounts of cash and lower interest rates than unsecured personal loans such as payday loans.

Are auto title loans and title loans the same thing?

Yes, you will also see auto (or sometimes vehicle) title loan services advertised. There is no difference as a car title loan. The terms and conditions are exactly the same. We also offer online payday loans services if you do not own a vehicle.

If you need cash amounts up to $5000 you can also apply for no credit check installment loan services.

In which states are online title loan services allowed?

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Which company gives me a title loan online?

After completing the online title loan application process at Bridge Payday, our network of title lenders will review your personal application.

You will then be presented with a title loan offer based on the value of your vehicle. Your lender will arrange to collect your original title (required), but all loan documents will be electronically signed and delivered.

Are title loans no credit check?

Vehicle title loan companies do not run a hard credit check on your profile. However, a soft credit check is still done. A hard check involves a check on the prospective borrower’s personal FICO score.

Lenders go to agencies like Equifax or Experian to run such checks. Conventional financial institutes like banks perform hard checks before lending money.

The problem with hard checks is that it is time-consuming. Besides, when multiple lending companies run a hard check, it can affect the borrower’s credit score negatively.

A soft check involves basic background checks. Since there is no required check on the personal FICO score, the borrower’s credit score does not go down even when multiple lenders perform a soft check.

There is no such thing as no credit check at all. Every lender has to protect himself/herself and hence some form of credit check is always performed. The question that you have to ask is whether that check is a hard check or a soft check.

There is no hard credit check which means loan success has better odds. This also means that inquiring about this type of loan with us won’t reflect negatively on your credit rating.

Bridge Payday does not determine or alter the terms of your loan; the value of your car, loan amount, interest rate, repayment schedule, fees and other terms of your loan are agreed upon exclusively by the lender and borrower.

Car Title Loan Benefits

  • Fast approval for title loans online
  • Bad Credit Welcome
  • Fast and simple approval process
  • Online cash as soon as today (amounts transferred in a timely manner)
  • Telephone application possible
  • Any vehicle accepted
  • The car is yours to drive still
  • No bank account needed
  • Monthly Installments (payments) to pay
  • SSL on your online application

Documents needed for online car title loans

Fill out an online car title loan application (we provide it on our website also). You need your title papers. Your car or vehicle should have roughly $2,500 in value to be considered for a car title loan. The lenders will use the Kelly blue book value to read the value and determine how much equity you have in your vehicle.

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What if I Default With Car Title Loans?

You should avoid this at all costs. If you are in trouble contact your lender immediately as it could impact your credit score and have your car (vehicle) repossessed.  The lenders prefer to keep you driving and paying rather looking into prepossessing your car.

How much can I get for my car title?

Depending on your state’s rules you can get amounts ranging from $1,250 to $24,000 from your car (vehicle) papers. Much also depends on your car and how much it is worth.


Can I get an online title loan if I have debts existing on my vehicle?

The amount of your loan depends on how much your vehicle is worth and the ability to repay and make the monthly payments.

The car (vehicle) must also have no other loans against it. Also, the condition of the vehicle is a factor, a better, looked after car (vehicle) could also provide you with more amounts or funds.

Does BRIDGE PAYDAY Issue My Title Loan?

No. Bridge Payday is not a title lender. Our service helps connect title lenders and borrowers. Borrowers who use our application process, which pre-screens them to ensure they meet our network lenders’ minimum requirements, are then able to apply at once to multiple lenders.

What do I Need to Qualify?

Every title loans lender is different when it comes to who can and cannot qualify, but if you are at least 18 years old, have a steady income, own your car, and are a US citizen, you shouldn’t have a problem.

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Can I get a title loan online with bad credit?

Title loan lenders are not concerned with your credit score. Your loan will depend on what your vehicle is worth and your ability to repay your loan.

It is as simple as that, if you have equity in your vehicle you will use your car (vehicle) as insurance to release those fast cash for your own use.


Will I Have to Give up My Car during the Loan?

No. You will retain possession of your car (or vehicle) during the life of the loan. You will retain your car and drive it as you normally would. In fact, you can sign the loan documents and then drive off in your car too.

The lender will simply retain the title of your automobile until the loan amount is repaid in full. One the loan is paid back, the car title will be returned to you.

The car is yours, that is the main benefit of this loan service. Imagine that you could not go to work or would have to take the bus, this then would inhibit your ability to repay the loan.

By leveraging your asset you can stay in work and repay off your loan over time.

The process is difficult to do completely online as the lender still needs to see your car. This usually means that the lender that will be connected to you will have their business locally where you are. This will make things easier for both of you to do your transaction fast.

Can I take out a title loan on a car that is still on financing?

In order to take out a title loan, you need to have the title in your possession. Your car basically has to be paid off completely in order for you to have clear control over the title of the car.

If you just bought a car recently by only making a down payment and financing the rest of the amount, then the lien over the title maybe with the financing company or the car dealership. In such a case, it may not be possible to take out a title loan.

However, we still encourage you to contact Bridge Payday so that we can read your profile and look more closely at your particular situation. Your level of equity in the car is what matters ultimately.

What Will Happen if I Can’t Repay My Title Loan?

BridgePayday is not a title lender or loan company, so we will not enforce payment. Your title lender has the ability to impose penalties and interest or even take possession of your car if you do not repay your loan but in general, they prefer you paying your loan back with interest rather than taking your car. Your payment is what matters more.


The terms and conditions of the lenders depend on the lender that you choose. However, there will be a certain amount of time that the lender gives you to allow you to repay your short term loan before they will cease your car. Always read the fine print when you apply.

When do I have to pay my title loan back?

This time frame depends on your agreed contract. If you are still not able to pay it back, then the lender will have to take possession of your car to be able to pay back your balance. When this happens, you will be given the option to still pay your loan back with the interest agreed upon before they will put your car up for auction.

Is the process of taking out a title loan time-consuming?

The process of taking out a title loan is designed to be quite efficient. We understand that you do not have spare time and that there are plenty of other things that you need to attend to.

You only need to fill out the complete application form and submit a few documents. The process normally would take a few minutes and should be done in under an hour. Title loan lenders work towards completing their due diligence and processing work on the same day.

It may be quite possible, depending on your application and your complete profile, that you will see the loan amount transferred to your bank account either on the same day or on the next business day.

Why Should I Work With BridgePayday to Get a Title Loan?

Using Bridge Payday to get a title loan is a smart decision for individuals who want the process to be as seamless and quick as possible (it can be done in minutes). Remember, since title loans online are secured with collateral it means that you, the borrower, will have offers for more money in your account with lower interest rates. Bridge Payday can connect you with our network of lenders who are ready to compete for your business and give you the best offers.

You will not have to email multiple people or go searching for different lenders or direct lenders online that offer you the best prices but are not as reliable. With Bridge Payday, you will be sure that the lender that you ultimately choose will be safe and reputable. You can also be sure that the terms that the lender will give you will be fair and affordable with no hidden fees.

We take pride in connecting you to lenders that will give you the solution that you are looking for. We make sure that these lenders are legitimate and reliable so that you won’t have to encounter problems with your loan moving forward. Contact us by phone or email.

Texas Title Loan And Other States?

By far the biggest amount of title loans are given out in Texas but we cover all states.  Bridgepayday.com  has recently bought texastitleloan.net and all leads will not go through Bridgepayday.

As before you can receive your Texas title loan up to $15000. Just apply online and then you can receive your cash after inspection.

Getting approved for your Texas title loan is easy now

We are still striving to get you the best deal on your car, pick up truck, SUV or motorbike. We will connect you with location throughout Texas and any other states where online title loans are legal.

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