What Exactly Is a Title Loan and How Does It Work?

Your vehicle’s title serves as collateral for a loan you may think of as a secured loan. When you use your car as collateral for a loan, you provide the lender with the confidence that you will pay the loan back. This, in turn, makes a title loan lender more eager to lend you the cash you need and places less of a focus on your credit history. When it comes to customers who have difficulties getting loans due to their credit histories, a title loan is often the most realistic solution. The structure of your loan, including the amount you may borrow, the interest rate, and the length of time you have to pay it back, is determined by the worth of your car, in addition to your capacity to repay the loan. Your credit history will play a role in determining your loan’s annual percentage rate (APR).

Title Loans Online

Bridgepayday offers online loans secured by vehicles. In addition to title loans, we provide a wide range of services. We wish to help those in need. Fast approval and response times are what sets us apart.

We value our customers and feel that our success is their success. Bridgepayday personnel is well-cared-for. It is much more than just auto title loans. It’s about giving you the options you need to manage your money. We think that your failures in the past should not define the rest of your life. Our online auto title loans are intended to assure your total happiness and long-term company success.

Our purpose is to assist you in obtaining quick cash when you require it most.

We Offer Same-Day Personal Loans and Title Secured Loans: Online Title Loans

Please inquire about our title or secured loans. There are 1000+ locations countrywide. We respect your time and enable you to retain your vehicle while repaying the loan. We will keep you updated.

Some customers with credit problems should seek credit counseling before taking out a title loan. Analysis of ability to repay with income and identifying papers are required. Only one LOC account is authorized, including those from other licensed lenders. Customers must have their income reviewed and validated regularly.

In Tennessee, the maximum loan amount is $6,500, assuming the consumer meets both the $2,500 pledge limit and the $4,000 Secured LOC restriction and accepts both. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines set the standards for our website and online loan services.

Click & Mortar Gives More Flexibility

Bridgepayday customers find it easier to pay their bills and manage their accounts. Bridgepayday customers can always call a store associate for assistance. With our mobile app, you can now manage your account from your smartphone.

Different Types of Bridgepayday Loans

Borrowers have many alternatives when it comes to obtaining a Bridgepayday loan title. Bridgepayday provides the following services:

  • Auto Title Loans
  • Pawn Car Titles
  • Motorcycle title loans and pawns
  • Title loans
  • Personal

Bridgepayday believes past failures should not be a hindrance to your future success. Each step in our car title loan process will ensure your satisfaction. To help you organize your finances, take advantage of our no credit check policy.

Advantages of Obtaining a Title Loan

  • Processing of Loans Done Quickly
  • Confidential Application Process
  • *Rates beginning at 35.99 percent annual percentage rate
  • **Loans available up to a maximum of $50,000.
  • There is no penalty for prepayment.

Various Types of Title Loans:

  • Loans on Vehicle Title
  • Title Loans for Motorcycles
  • Loans on the RV Title
  • Consolidating Debt Through Loans
  • Title Loan for the Gold Program

Title Loan & Pawn – Benefits

  • Same-day cash
  • Quick Approval
  • Accepted Credit Types
  • Continue driving your car
  • Competitive Rates

Auto Title Loans/Pawns

A title loan allows you to borrow money using your car’s title and not your credit score. The amount of cash that you need, the vehicle’s worth, and your ability or inability to repay will all affect how large your title loan is. Bridgepayday provides car title loans of up to $10,000. We are focused on getting you the best cash and keeping your payments affordable. Bridgepayday makes it simple to obtain the title loans you need with reliable service.

Pawns may be taken out on vehicle titles at Bridgepayday’s locations in Georgia. A vehicle title pawn is comparable to a car loan in many ways. By utilizing your car as collateral, you may get cash in a short amount of time. Bridgepayday allows you to pawn your vehicle title without credit checks if you have a clean title or a government-issued ID. Do you have a title that has been pawned? Bridgepayday is the solution! We can reduce your current pawn rate and repay your existing loan.

We provide motorcycle title pawns in our Georgia Bridgepayday locations; all credit types are accepted.

Motorcycle Title Loans/Pawns

You can get money in just 30 minutes using your motorcycle title loans. There must be enough money to pay for the bike and pass a credit check. Additionally, Bridgepayday attempts to get you cash at cheap rates. We accept motorcycle title pawns in our Georgia Bridgepayday locations. A motorcycle title pawn can secure collateral and works exactly like a car title pawn.


Unsecured personal installment loans allow for regular repayment. Not all states allow personal loans. Even if the title to your vehicle is not in your name, you may be able to get a bank loan. If you cannot offer evidence of income or voter registration, a mortgage statement, or proof of domicile, you will need your government-issued ID and a recent paystub. In Arizona, you must be registered. We need two pay stubs and direct deposit verification for loans above $1,000.


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